Three Sisters

by Unsacred



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released August 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Unsacred Virginia


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Track Name: I Carry The Weight Alone
Nothing hurts worse than seeing everything change
Nothing dulls the pain
It eats away at me from the inside
I'm always looking back
These troubles have burnt me out
Lingering every night, it never leaves
The weight clings to my bones
Separated from the things that gave me hope
I carry the weight alone
And I carry the weight all alone
Track Name: Lethe
Corrode beneath the crawl of time
Moving like a glacier across my chest
I can feel it slowly pull me under
With every friend I lose and every waste of breath
Days turn to years
They've moved on and I'm still right here
Caught in the undertow
Sinking down
Just leave me where I fall, I don't want to weigh you down
Push my hands into the soil, try to find the roots
Anything that I can hold on to
I can't take one more step
You'll have to drag me into hell
Track Name: Abasement, Loss and Regret (Three Sisters)
Apathy poisons my mind
Everything is numb
Don't think I can make it
Drowning in the slums
I feel so far away
Force myself to become vulgar and learn these ugly ways
I wanted to change the world but I was the only thing that changed
I'll starve before its over
No cure for the suffering
All I own is a sour heart and a head full of broken dreams
Track Name: Torch Circle
Trails of torches guide me further away
Leave my body behind
Watch the pines turn to shapeless grey
As I drift into the calling night